quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2014

I may not know so much
of law, Mr. Felder...

but I know what's right
and what's wrong...

and I know what you're asking is wrong.

Put yourself
in this woman's place, Your Honor.

Can you truthfully say
you'd do differently?

But look at her. She's - She's just
a simple, ordinary country woman.

She can't even write her own name.

Yet has she no feelings, no heart?

I've seen Abagail Clay exactly
three times in my life, gentlemen...

and yet I know everything
there is to know about her.

I know her because I've seen...

hundreds of women just like her...

working in the fields, kitchens...

hovering over
some sick and helpless child.

Women who say little,
but do much...

who ask for nothin'
and give all.

And I tell you
that such a woman...

will never answer the question
that's been put to her here.


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