sexta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2008

far far away

With George Clooney it’s always the same thing, whether he looks tired or not (and in the role of MICHAEL CLAYTON he looks very tired). What same thing is good old George up to? Salt and pepper hair, white shirt, apologetic but in good form, cool charisma, the man seems always to be preparing for a night out or coming back from one. Whether it’s going to the Oscars or coming back, going to a conference to give a speech to democrats or coming back. Always dressed to the hilt, looking sharp even when the evening is a flop, the Oscar having been awarded to someone else or the democrats once more lagging behind the republicans. That’s pretty much the story of MICHAEL CLAYTON: what can Clooney do when everything is going badly, even for him?

by Emmanuel Burdeau


Escrito pelo Burdeau em Veneza, é mais uma prova do seu sentido de humor, e está engraçado…mas como escrevi em baixo, o “very tired” cai como uma luva no seu personagem desencantado e á espera da oportunidade para mudar de vida, far far away, como o fabuloso plano final nos mostra…

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